Monday, August 2, 2010


I have nothing to do today except sew and blog! I have completed the Antique Star block!

When last we saw our block, I had sewed together two little triangles to make a square and then added two more triangles to make bigger triangles - several of them. (You can count how many in the previous post.) Next was using those triangles and a light colored triangle to make something that looks like Flying Geese. As you can see below:

Once those were complete (and you can see that at least one is going to have the point cut off because it is too close to the edge of the fabric), I attached light colored squares to each end of two of the units.

Next, I joined the other two units to the center square like so:

Finally, I joined the other two strips to each side of the center unit and VOILA!

This block is also not perfect, but I think I like the way it looks better than the Air Castle block. I guess I'd better go back to real life for today and not get started on the next block, which is called Art Square and looks a bit less complicated.
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