Friday, August 13, 2010

Aunt Vina's Favorite

I guess I will get to do a little something this week after all. So on to Aunt Vina's Favorite!

Apparently, this block is a traditional block that goes by some other names such as Butterfly (Nancy Cabot), Richmond (Hearth and Home), Pinwheel (the Kansas City Star), and Lucy's Four and Nine (Meeker). I've seen the Aunt Vina's Favorite attributed to Aunt Martha, and I've also seen an alternate spelling of Vina (Vinah).

There is a picture of a quilt top made from this pattern in The Quilt Index in colors I would probably not have chosen. There is also a pattern for it in Jean Wells' book Patchwork Quilts Made Easy: 33 Quilt Favorites, Old and New. Jean Wells also used it in a red quilt challenge on Simply Quilts. Here is a link to the pattern on McCall's website (under the name Butterfly).

I have already cut the fabric, as you can see in the picture below. I'm sorry about the flash reflection on the desk. I'm at work and I tried some other places to take the pictures, but they didn't work out - the light fabric looked totally washed out and white. I decided that the big bright spot was the lesser of the evils.