Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cutting Again

Once again, it was cutting day! I cut the fabric for the second American Beauty BOM block. I figure I need to get cracking on that one since I pick up block 5 next week. I'm machine piecing that one. I must confess that so far I don't especially care for the Marti Michell Templates we're using - but that probably says more about what a lousy cutter I am than the templates themselves. I kind of messed up the first block, but I think I did a better job cutting this one so it ought to look better.

I also cut the fabric for the Art Square block. It went much more quickly - probably because there were fewer pieces and one of them is quite large. I made a fabric choice I've been second guessing here, but we'll see how it works out once I get a chance to sew the block together. (I'm hoping for tomorrow.) Here are the pieces: