Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Little Bit of Progress

I was able to make a tiny bit of progress on this block yesterday. Obviously, when I am at work, work comes first. But I was able to get the light colored triangles onto the four patch units, as you can see in the pictures below. Note: I am finger pressing because I am hand piecing, so the units don't always lie flat. This makes the pictures a little less than perfect looking. Also, since I am at work, the glare is still there. Maybe I need to start carrying around a piece of gray fabric or something to lay on top of the desk so the reflection doesn't show up.

I have some mixed emotions about the four blocks I have worked on so far - the A blocks. I'll go into it in more detail later, but I think my favorite is the one that drove me the most nuts while I was putting it together.

I found a blog by a woman who is doing something similar to this only on a larger scale, by machine and moving along faster than I am. It is called 501 Quilt Blocks and she has made some gorgeous blocks so far. You may enjoy it if you check it out.

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