Thursday, August 19, 2010

On to the B's

Here is the completed Aunt Vina's Favorite block. I like the way it looks, although you would never know that the red parts were actually considered dark when making my fabric choices. But it does look kind of nice.

I am adding a poll to find out which of the A blocks people like best. I think I mentioned yesterday which I like best, although I do like this one too. But let me know which is your preference out of Air Castle, Antique Star, Art Square or Aunt Vina's Favorite. I'm curious. If you have forgotten what each looks like, just glance at some previous posts.

Now we move on to the block names starting with the letter B. The blocks in this section are Beacon Lights, Bear's Paw, Berkeley, Big T, Birds in the Air, Blazing Star, Broken Star, and By Chance. Twice as many B's as A's. This could take a while. Really.

Last night I cut the fabric for the Beacon Lights block. I have been second guessing some of the fabric choices ever since - but I keep telling myself that this is an experiment so it will be all good. No matter. Here is a picture of the cut fabrics.
I'll give some more information about the Beacon Lights block later. Now I will go mark the pieces and start sewing. Have a quilty day!