Friday, August 20, 2010

Research Slacking & Making Progress

Well, it is Friday and the last day of this two weeks of working 5 days for me! I'm just not used to this anymore, and I keep thinking that maybe I'm too old for so much work. (Doesn't that make it sound like I have been overworked? The truth is I have been sitting in an office for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, waiting for someone to need help. Yes, I did spend a few days updating the help documentation to account for upgrades and put together the calendar for next term, but that did not take up many of the 50 hours in those two weeks of work.) No, I am not really overworked. Just out of practice - and I get the next 3 weeks off so that won't get any better!

I was a slacker last night and forgot to check in Jinny Beyer's book whether or not there are any alternative names for Beacon Lights. I couldn't find any online, but I wanted to check Jinny too before saying there aren't any. Some friends and I worked on quilting our church's quilt and then I forgot to get Jinny out, so... we'll save that information for another post.

Meanwhile, yesterday (at work) I did make a little progress on the Beacon Lights block.

First, let me apologize for how this looks on the busy carpet in my office. I'm beginning to think that the flash reflection is less of a distraction than this carpet. I also just realized that I could use the small gray bulletin board over my desk and, if I used pins instead of the tacks, it might just work. Who'd have thought my office provided me with a design wall?

When I had gotten this far, I looked at the pieces and decided I really did not do well in the fabric choosing as the medium fabric in this print is not enough of a contrast with the light fabric. Then I started second guessing my choice not to use Fairy Frost for the lightest fabric because the other fabrics seemed to have enough bling without adding that glitz also. However, as this is an experiment, I decided to just finish with the fabrics I have. But next time...

This was the next step, and the dark fabric doesn't show up very well on the carpet. (Sorry! It is really gorgeous fabric.) Would you believe that the little snowflake pattern is part of Jason Yenter's  Wintergraphix III collection from In the Beginning Fabrics? There are some gorgeous fabrics in that collection and they will be showing up throughout this experiment.

So there you have the progress so far! I'm off now to see if I can complete this block here at work today. Maybe there will be another post this evening or tomorrow if I get it done and pressed.

Quilt on!