Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ta Da!

Here is the completed Air Castles block. Yes, it looks more crooked than it really is (maybe), and I haven't squared it up, but it is finished and pressed.

Some reflections on making this block: 
  1. I should have trimmed the blocks with the triangles and made sure they were exactly 3 1/2 inches square before trying to assemble the rest of the block. That would have prevented some of the ripping out and redoing - well, all of it, actually.
  2. When I look at this block, I want to see a star block, but, if it were a star block, some of the triangle blocks would have been rotated differently.  Unfortunately, since I want to see a star block, this block always looks wrong or asymmetrical to me. Sigh. It's just me.
The next block in this book is called Antique Star. (Yay! A star block! Love them!) I think this must be one of Marsha McCloskey's original blocks because I can't find a block with this name online or in Jinny Beyer's The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns. I'm thinking if it doesn't show up either of those places, it is a Marsha McCloskey original. Of course, I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time in my life.

This block ramps up the degree of difficulty with many (32) small (2 inch half square) triangles. This could be bad. Finger pressing between seams may not be enough and I may have to break out the iron a little more often for this block.

I have already cut the fabric, so now I am off to mark it and get started. I'll update this soon and let you know how it is going.