Friday, September 24, 2010

Finally Done!

Big T is finally complete. I managed to get it together this evening, and I'm glad that's over. (Isn't it strange how having trouble with something makes it less attractive to you? Or maybe it doesn't for you. Maybe it's just me.)

Here is a picture of the next steps. I had sewn the two strips on the right together incorrectly the other day and had to take them apart before I could go any further. 

Below is the finished product. I don't think that I like the way it bulges in spots (in other words, I'm not fond of my execution of it), but I do like the overall look of the block. Anyway, there it is: Big T.

Next up: Birds in the Air. But I probably need to force myself to spend some time sewing together Block 4 of the American Beauty BOM and cut Block 5 of the BOM while cutting out the Birds in the Air block. So it will probably be a few days here. Plus, of course, I need to do some research on the new block.

Until then, quilt on! And enjoy!