Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Steps


Above is a picture of the first steps in putting together the block that is called Birds in the Air in the book I'm using. You may notice that I did not pin these up to the bulletin board in my office. I got lazy and put them on the back of my computer case. It took too long to pin them up, take pictures, and then take them down. I wanted to get back to piecing so that I could get to the next picture. Patience is not my strong point!

These pieces remind me of the Antique Star block, which is still one of my favorites.

This is one of the first blocks about which I can honestly say that I have not doubted my fabric choices for one instant. I am getting low on that black fabric, and it makes me sad. I think it is gorgeous. Oh, well, there is always more fabric!

I confess to really wanting to finish this tonight instead of working on other things. But I exercised discipline and traced the pieces for the 5th block of the American Beauty BOM and rolled the church quilt so we are ready to start quilting at the next quilting bee. Such discipline!

I'll finish the piecing tomorrow at work. Then I'll press it and post the final pictures here. And then I'll have to move on. I must confess that I am not looking forward to cutting the next block, which is the Blazing Star. I'll have to make templates. That will take time. I'm not patient. Having said that, I will admit that I think I'll really like the Blazing Star block. But I'm not looking forward to cutting it out.