Monday, September 27, 2010

The Glitz Is Back!

Yes, these are the fabrics for the Birds in the Air. And yes, that is gold on two of the fabrics and the other is my beloved Michael Miller Fairy Frost in white. We are returning to sparkly Christmas fabric! For some reason I am excited about this. I will confess that I cut too many red triangles, but the bright side of that is that it will allow me to choose the ones with the most gold to put into the block. There is always a bright side! Or a sparkly one.

When I looked up Birds in the Air in Jinny Beyer's book The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns, I found one block with the same name and one block named Birds in Air. Both of these were much more complicated looking blocks than the one in my book. On to the internet search. Which also yielded blocks with that name that looked very different and more complicated than this one. I can only assume that the block in this book is someone's idea of a much simpler block like the Birds in the Air block. I think I might have named it Birds in a Pinwheel. You'll see why soon. But not tonight. 

I'll work on this when I can - hopefully tomorrow and Wednesday. Another project I want to work on is learning how to use Quilt Pro, which I purchased because I refuse to sully my Mac with a Windows operating system and Electric Quilt doesn't make a Mac version. I think this is a bit short sighted of them, but I guess they feel like they sell enough software as it is. 

Those are my quilting projects for the week although I must confess that I also need to cut out the American Beauty BOM #5, since I am still behind. (Block #6 is also waiting here for me to cut out and put together and I'd like to get the finishing kit started too.) And our church's quilt is ready to roll before Thursday night's quilting bee, so I'll need to do that. And quilt some on my daughter's quilt. 

When will I find time for the rest of my life? Hmmm.
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