Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Productive Labor Day

I was able to completely assemble the American Beauty BOM block yesterday! I'm still pretty sure that even the Marti Michell templates can't help my cutting skills. It looks fairly crooked. Why am I making this quilt again? Oh, I know. So that maybe I can give it to someone as a gift. At this point, it better be someone who really loves me!

I also did some hand piecing last night while catching up on some DVRed shows on TV. I did the first couple of steps of the Berkely block, as you can see below.

I guess I should have fussy cut the striped rectangles. GRRRRR! Remember I wasn't too sure about those stripes to start with. I think I should have followed my gut. But I'm not enough of a perfectionist to go back and do that over. This may be part of a potholder when I'm done. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

This is a scheduled hand quilting day with my church group. We'll see if anyone actually shows up or if I am working on the church quilt all by myself. I'm already getting nervous about whether or not it will be completed in time. I guess we will see!

Happy quilting to all of you!