Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So I did it again today! Sewed the entire block together at work (after, of course, slacking for four days last week). I guess that means I have to go over everything in one post. Here goes!

First, my research did not uncover any blocks named Candlelight anywhere other than here, so I am assuming it's a Marsha McCloskey original block. It also does require a template, which (lazy me) I don't really enjoy. I'm bad enough at rotary cutting. When you add a template which I have to copy perfectly, then we are in so much trouble. Okay, on to the pictures!

First, the fabric choices. Remember, I mentioned that I would go back to the glitzy Christmas fabrics for this block. The pattern called for a light, 2 mediums and a dark fabric. The light is my beloved Fairy Frost by Michael Miller. I also think that the block would look interesting with only one medium, but I did use two different, even though they do look similar.

The first step was to sew the light pieces to the darker of the mediums. I had some trouble figuring out how to line up the mediums so that the shape would be a square when opened up. I realized eventually that my quarter inch markings came in very handy for this. 

Next step was to put the lighter mediums and the dark fabrics together. Remember, I am at work so all of these are only finger pressed.

Next I sewed together one of each of the squares to make 2 strips. This part was pretty easy.

Here is the unpressed finished block. It looks more crooked than it is because it is only finger pressed. Also, apparently the center seam needs to be pressed open, so I hope this looks better when it is pressed. Yes, as usual I have doubts about the fabric choices. I think that I would like it better if there were only one medium fabric so the parts of the block that are sort of background are the same. Just a matter of taste though.