Sunday, October 17, 2010

Next Up - Cake Stand

I just finished cutting the fabrics for Cake Stand. I resisted the urge to return to the glitzy Christmas fabric I love and continued with the less glitzy Christmas fabric. Her are this block's fabric choices:

Cake Stand is a tradional block. This one looks a bit like it might be a simplified version of the block, because it has four triangles instead of six to be kind of like candles coming out of the cake (at least that is what I think they are meant to be). 

The Ladies Art Company published a version of this block in 1897. It is also known as Altar Candles and Basket. It has the six candles and is facing the opposite direction from Marsha McCloskey's. Nancy Cabot also published a block called Cake Stand in the Chicago Tribune on November 18, 1933, but it is more elaborate with many more triangle sections. These are the main sources I found for a block that resembles the one in the book.

You can find a pattern for the version I am making (although the size is different than the one I am making) at The Quilter's Cache. This one is facing the same direction Marsha McCloskey's does and has the same 4 candles instead of six. 

So now I am all ready for work tomorrow so I can go to work and 

Quilt On!