Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Block Work Again Today

Yes, I have been a slacker again. I never got around to cutting out more fabric on Monday evening. I went to a meeting at church last night, so I never got around to it then either. So here I am at work, slacking.

I thought that since that is the case, I would tell you a little bit about the most recent quilt book I purchased. The book is Stellar Quilts by Judy Martin. (If you want to see what the book looks like, you can check it out on my Book Store page.) This book contains some of the most beautiful quilts that I've ever seen (as you may have already noticed, I really like star blocks. So the good news is that I love almost every quilt in this book. The bad news is that some of the most gorgeous quilts look kind of daunting in difficulty. And, of course, those are the ones I will probably try first. Which is probably not the way to do things, but it is what I do. I way overestimate my skills.

On that topic, let me mention a couple of other books that I really like (and which I should probably use the way they were intended): Quilter's Academy Vol. 1--Freshman Year: A Skill-Building Course in Quiltmaking and Quilter's Academy Vol. 2--Sophomore Year: A Skill-Building Course In Quiltmaking both by Harriet Hargrave and her daughter Carrie Hargrave.  These are well organized and very helpful. And I would probably become a quilt expert if I went through the books in order and tried all the projects. But I don't see me doing that right now because, as we have already seen, I am a slacker.