Monday, October 11, 2010

To Blog or to Piece?

Here I am at work. I've been doing a little piecing today, but have not gotten as far as I would like - and it is getting near time to go home. So I'm wondering to myself - should I piece more or should I blog about what I've done so far? Guess which I chose!

This new block is called Broken Star. Sounds like something that would be a pretty common block, right? Wrong! I expected to find all sorts of references about it in Jinny Beyer's book The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns: 4050 Pieced Blocks for Quilters. BUT NO! There is a reference to a Nancy Cabot block pattern published in the Chicago Tribune on July 17, 1936 which is close but not quite the same. (There is no square within a square in the center of the  Nancy Cabot version.)  An Internet search did not yield anything much either. I'm guessing this is Marsha McCloskey's interpretation of the Nancy Cabot pattern. But I'm just guessing.

So those are my fabric choices looking more yellow than they really are. (I'm thinking the flourescent lights are having a bit of an effect here.) I thought I was really cool when I picked these, but now that I have started piecing, I have some questions about that. I don't think there is enough value difference, but we'll see when it is done, I guess. 
Obviously these pieces are just finger pressed. The greens here make me nervous - I don't really like them together. (And yes, that is green Fairy Frost! I told you I love it!)

I started some Flying Geese, but since I only got 2 of the 4 completed, you'll have to wait for that picture. (They are the pieces that make me nervous about my color choices, though.)

While I was piecing I listened to some talks from the Quilt Study Center through iTunes U. One of them was a lecture from Bridget Long on 3/29/09 on Early British Patchwork and Paper Piecing. I have always thought of hexagons when I thought of English Paper Piecing, but she had pictures of some quilts where the paper piecing actually looks like appliqué! Like the vines and leaves and flowers kinds of appliqué! Amazing. It made me wonder whether appliqué came along later and everyone was very excited because it was so much easier. Does anyone know? Maybe I'll have to check this out, although research isn't what I want to do most in life!

Quilt on, friends!