Friday, October 15, 2010

Ugliest Block Ever

Yes, as I pieced this block, that is what I was calling it in my mind. Fabric choices seemed off to me (and I must admit to choosing fabric and cutting in a hurry) and it seemed like too much red and...and...and...
But now I'm thinking maybe it is not so ugly after all. Maybe. It seems to be growing on me.

Now, as I cut the pieces, I have to let you know that the triangles in the above pieces were cut from a pattern with a blue background so I figured that there would be more blue in the block. Sigh. Also, there are only three triangles in the picture because I forgot to take any pictures until I had already completed the next step with the first triangle.

Above is the completed next step.  This is the step at which I really started to have doubts about the wisdom of my fabric choices.

The above step added a new problem. I had left too much selvage on one of the pieces in my attempt to save money and be quick about the cutting.

The color is off in the above picture. Sorry. I actually like this strip and hoped that it would make up for the other two.

Here are the other two strips. I'm still not very fond of them. Sigh.

Here is the final finished fingerpressed block. Not quite as ugly as I was expecting, but I still don't like it very much. Maybe I'm just missing the really glitzy fabrics of the last couple of blocks. Or maybe I just chose my fabric too quickly or maybe....

Next block will start with a C. Cake Stand, I think.