Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As Expected

I completed the Capital T block at work today. I still think I like the sparkly Christmas fabrics better than even the Jason Yenter (one of which I used in this block), but this one isn't too bad.

Above are the Flying Geese units joined to each other. You can see that in one of the units, the triangle that is supposed to be the light fabric has more green in it than the white color. Sigh.

Above are the half square triangle blocks and two of the Flying Geese blocks joined together. Below is the third strip of the block - two Flying Geese and a square.

Below is the completed block, finger-pressed because I was at work and hadn't brought my iron to work with me. (That seems to me to be taking this a bit too far!) I hope you enjoy it!

And our next block will be Castles in Spain. More about that later though.

Quilt on!