Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Church Quilt

Each year our church makes a quilt to be auctioned off during our Lottie Moon Auction. It is usually the item which brings in the most money and highly anticipated throughout the year. If you want to see pictures of some of the quilts through the years, you can look at this post. The quilts pictured on this page are only the ones we have made during the time I have been the quilt project manager. The earlier quilts had more appliqué, but we have tried to keep things simpler because most of the people working on our quilts do not consider themselves quilters.

For the next few weeks whenever I am at home and my eyes and fingers will let me, I will be doing a mad dash of hand quilting to attempt to finish this quilt in time. We usually show it at church the Sunday before the auction, but, since that Sunday is usually a low attendance Sunday because it is the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I try to show it the previous Sunday also. This year I don't think that is going to be possible.

Due to the kind of quilting we are doing in the borders and the blank blocks (at least that is what I'm calling them), it is taking us longer to get this one quilted than usual. Maybe if I work like crazy this weekend, I'll get us closer.

Below are some pictures of how the quilting looks. Remember the marking chalk is still there, so the quilting won't be quite as pronounced once it is washed.

This is the corner of the border. The border is quilted in these fans and one of the women in the group came up with this very cool way of going around the corner. It means that the fans go down the side in different directions from each corner toward the middle and then meet with a few extra arches joining them. It looks great - and the border fabric is my favorite fabric ever.

This is a shot of the border that is not at the corner!

There are several blocks in this quilt that are just a fabric square. This is how we are quilting those squares. There are some of these squares in the fabric you can see just to the right of this block. It is very difficult to see the marking and quilt those blocks. The fabric is a little tricky to look at for any length of time, at least for my old eyes.

This is a wider angle shot of the row of blank blocks that comes just before the borders. 
Now you can see how I am spending my weekend. At least the parts of it that aren't spoken for by the family activities and laundry.

P.S. This quilt is from the book Batik Gems: 29 Dazzling Quilt Projects by Laurie Shifrin.
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