Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Completed Castles in Spain

Here are the first two pieces I worked on today. Yes, I know I didn't show pictures of the center sections before I added the light triangles, but I forgot to edit it and it was looking pretty bad. So it's not here.

Below is the other strip that makes up this block. By itself it doesn't look very contrasty. I must be very bad at contrast, I think. I need to work on that.

Below is the finger pressed (because that's what you do when you're hand piecing at work) final block. Behold the Castles in Spain! Once it's all together, the lack of contrast in the center strip doesn't seem like such a bad thing.

And what is the next block? It's Cat's Cradle. It looks like it has lots of little pieces, so cutting may be a bit of a pain. It also uses five different fabrics - one dark, two mediums, and two lights. I must confess when I look at the pattern, I think one light might be a better choice, but we will see how I choose the fabric.  

Maybe I should cut some fabrics and for the table runners and sew them together tomorrow here at work. I'll have to look at the completed blocks and think about it tonight. We'll see. 

When I was making links for the previous post, I noticed that Amazon doesn't really carry the Marsha McCloskey book that I'm using for this project. There was one of those "Available from these sellers" links, and the new copies were over $40 each. I guess that may mean it is out of print. I'm sorry if that keeps you from getting a book you may have wanted or that it may seem like I was advertising. But I'll still keep going through it slowly but surely because I set myself a goal.

OOOOOH! I forgot! I never posted a final picture of the completed church quilt. Here it is. (We also have two pillow shams made from extra blocks and extra fabric!)