Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Few Sections

Yesterday at work I got started on Capital T. I got the half square triangle sections sewn together and the two different sets of Flying Geese. Today I will be sewing together the these sections to finish the blocks. It seems like this one has gone pretty quickly. Below are the pictures of yesterday's efforts.

I'm considering making some of these blocks into table runners to be sold at the church auction in January. The book has a pattern for one that uses three blocks. The big question for me would be the quilting since I don't have any confidence in may machine quilting skills, even for stitch in the ditch. However, we'll see what happens. I may slow down a little (even slower than this?) on making blocks if I decide to go for this, but then I'll have pictures of my table runners to share. I guess we will just see how these things go. 

My knee is doing much better (thank you for the good wishes, Denise). I start PT tomorrow, so we will see how I feel after that. At least I trust the person who will be doing my PT. And at least it doesn't hurt while I'm actually using it - only when I touch a certain place. (Or my doctor does.)

I must go and finish this block now. 

Quilt on!