Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Am Still Alive

Well, once again I have been a slacker. Due to a minor (I hope - I'm thinking positively here) knee injury last weekend, I didn't make it downstairs to cut out the next block in the series until tonight. But tonight I got downstairs with time to do something other than work on hand quilting the church auction quilt, so the pieces are cut and I'll be able to do some sewing at work this week.

The big project around here right now is the church auction quilt. It needs to be finished by (at the latest) the Sunday after Thanksgiving, preferably by the previous Sunday. We meet at my house to do the quilting and it is going well, but there is still a long way to go. I need to start spending more time working on that one even on days when no quilting time is scheduled for everyone else to come over. Once it is finished I will post some pictures of the quilt, other than the one in this post. We've chosen some cool looking quilting for the borders, and I'm pretty excited about the way it looks. But I am worried about getting it done in time.

Which brings me to the next block. This block is related to a previous block, Big T, and is called Capital T. Actually, the block after this one is called Castles in Spain and is related to Air Castles. I can see the similarities in the blocks, and I suppose that when I do Castles in Spain the fact that it is not a star block but sort of looks like it should be one will drive me nuts, like it did with Air Castles. But I'll bet I get over it.

Capital T is a traditional block and shows up in several places with a few different names. In 1897, it was in catalog #84 of the Ladies Art Company Catalog with the name Capital T. This was after it had been published under the same name in Louisville Farm and Friend on February 15, 1883. The same block appeared in the January, 1913 edition of Farmer's Wife with the name Capitol T and in the 1931 Farmer's Wife Book of Quilts under the name Double T. In 1931, it also appeared with the name T Quartette in Old Fashioned Quilts. The March 27, 1937 Kansas City Star published the pattern with the name The Double T. It was called Imperial T and T Block when published by Nancy Cabot in the June 26, 1934 Chicago Tribune. When published by Nancy Page in the Feb. 15, 1942 Birmingham News, it was called Capital Tee. So this one has been around the block a few times under a few aliases. (I hear you groaning at the pun there!)

Here are the fabrics I've cut for the block. I left the glitzy behind this time.

Quilt on!
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