Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cat's Cradle Information

So this will be one of those boring posts with no pictures. Tomorrow, when I actually start sewing, should have plenty of pictures. At least, that is the current plan.

So the Cat's Cradle block is the next one in my book. As I mentioned previously, 5 fabrics and lots of little pieces. I strayed from the glitzy fabrics on this one. So no sparkles.

As far as the history of this block goes, there is a block called The Cat's Cradle published by The Kansas City Star on September 21, 1960, but it doesn't look much like this block. There was another block called The Cat's Cradle previously published in The Kansas City Star on February 24, 1934 which looks more like the one in the book I'm using, but it looks like only three fabrics were used in it, not 5. This block was published as The Harrison Design in the Dakota Farmer on June 1, 1929, as Flying Bird in The Perfect Patchwork Primer in 1973, as Flying Birds in The Birmingham News  (by Nancy Page) on September 4, 1934, and as Harrison in Old Fashioned Quilts in 1931. Frankly, I think the best name for it is Flying Birds.

In "Quilted Tributes to William Henry Harrison" Patricia and James Cummings display a picture of this block and tell us that there is uncertainty as to whether it was made to commemorate the presidency of William Henry Harrison or his grandson (I didn't know that!) Benjamin Harrison. Now at least we know why it is called the Harrison block.

Today I found out for the first time (only because I had not paid attention before) that the winter term ends on April 19. This is much earlier than other years. Usually the idea of attending the AQS show in Paducah can't even be considered because it is the last week of the term and I have to work. I had to wonder if it was a sign from God that this year I should attend the show. (It was certainly worth considering!) Of course, I realized I might be too late to get a hotel room - but no! I scored a double room reservation in Paducah on the first try! (A smoking room, but a room nonetheless.) So, now I have until January 26 to cancel that room, and I have to decide if I am really going or if I don't feel like I can justify spending the money on myself. Hmmmm. (Just so you know, I really did find the room on my first try, but then I thought it was too easy and tried some other places. Nope, they were all booked for those dates. I really did find a miracle room.)

This is doctor week for me. Tomorrow I have an ultrasound on my thyroid and physical therapy for my knee. Thursday I have an appointment with my endocrinologist and Friday I have an MRI on the aforementioned knee. This is so not typical for me. (But the whole knee thing is getting me chauffeured to and from work! Not bad considering it is getting cold around here.)

So, sorry for the long pictureless post! Pictures tomorrow, I promise.