Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Coming

I have made absolutely no progress on my 120 Blocks during this vacation, but I haven't really been slacking. I have been designing and piecing a quilt that has been a long time in coming. I'd post pictures but the blocks all center around photos from another family, so I don't feel comfortable doing that. So sorry.

Anyway, I designed this quilt several different times. First, the photos were going to be the centers of log cabin blocks. Wait, that was the second plan. The first plan was some willy nilly arrangement of rectangles and squares of fabric and the photos. That became more hectic than I thought necessary. The next plan was the log cabin blocks plan. That format had two problems: 1) The log cabin block busyness detracted from the photos and 2) The narrow fabric strips were not showing off the fabric well. So the current version is 10 inch (finished) blocks with 4 X 6 inch photos framed by fabric. There are 10 different fabrics for this part so there will be two blocks with frames of each fabric. Then I need to find the perfect sashing fabric. I really want to get this done and off to a longarmer (my machine quilting skills suck, so I really want someone good to do this even if it is pretty basic quilting) within the next week. Since 10 of the 20 blocks are completed already, I think I've got a pretty good start. I will feel much better when it is done.

Quilty resolutions? Well, for me the main one is to finish the big UFO in the basement (yes, Janni, that big UFO) and the quilt I started many years ago for my husband. The second of those really shouldn't take me too long because it is another one that I want to have quilted by a longarmer. The first one of those will take a bit longer since I am handquilting it and I chose some very intricate quilting for some parts of it.

I should probably also aim to finish the American Beauty BOM that I'm 4 months behind on. (Yes, that was poor grammar, but I'm tired.)

It also looks like I am going to Paducah in April, so that probably blows my class budget for the year. So I probably won't be taking many (or any) classes this year. But I'm expecting to love the April experience so....

Those should all keep me pretty busy, don't you think? I certainly think so.

Do you have quilty resolutions? Do tell!!!! And quilt on!