Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Centennial finally Done! Plus Randomness!

I had planned to finish Centennial and cut the pieces for the next block on Sunday evening - until my mother-in-law fell and broke her left hip. (She broke the right hip about a year-and-a-half ago.) She had surgery Monday and is doing quite well at this point, but I didn't even think about Centennial until I went to work today.

I think I'll recap because it has been so long. Below is step one.

Step Two

Step Three (which is where we left off)

Below is the strip that I needed to recut a piece in order to successfully finish it.

And last, but not least, the finished block.

Yes, once again it is not pressed. I may be changing that with the new little iron that I received for Christmas, but I haven't yet played with it enough to carry it back and forth to work. Of course, I may wait until I decide whether or not to purchase The Steady Betty Pressing Surface to tote along with it back and forth to work. Or maybe not. I guess time will tell.

The next block in the book is Chain of Squares, followed closely by Clay's Choice. Research on each of those will come up in a future blog post. 

Anxiously awaiting and looking forward to playing there. I'm hoping it will also inspire me to catalog my stash. I could use the push! 

I also found a couple of BOMs that I think I might want to do, but is this the best use of my time? One of them is the next Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Quilt BOM which starts in June. The fabrics and colors look gorgeous and the 2009 Designer Mystery BOM turned out to be gorgeous. The other of them is one I came across as I was Fab Shop Hopping this morning. It is called Wildflower Rhapsody BOM (because that is the fabric line being used) and there is a picture of it here. It starts in February. Given how far behind I am in my current BOM, this could be a couple of bad ideas. Sigh.

I think I will get some cutting and quilting time over the next few days, so maybe I'll be able to show you the next block or two soon! 

Quilt on!!!!