Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Fun

I finally re-cut the square for the center of the Centennial block. Now I can finish that block sometime in the near future. I did not, however, cut fabric for anything else as long as I was down there. Instead I spent a couple of hours working on the big UFO.

This is the stencil for the borders. Imagine putting quilting eight of these at each end with several down the middle also! It took me quite a while to work out a method for quilting this so that I didn't lose my place. I am sure that the first few of these don't look very good.

This is what the stencil looks like chalked onto the border fabric. I am really going to have to wash the chalk out of this quilt! There must be a ton in there.

This is the stencil for the setting triangles. It is a simplified version of the other stencil. And yes, it takes a few hours less time to quilt.


You can't really see this well, but it is a finished setting triangle. You can almost see it because the chalk still kind of shows up.

I am sorry that the pictures are a little washed out, but I was using my phone's camera. And the flash reflected off the stencil plastic. I'll do a better job with the rest of the Centennial block pictures.  I think.