Sunday, January 9, 2011

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

As you can tell, I haven't been posting often. And the block project is waiting for me to go back to work on Tuesday. But I did complete a quilt top. After redesigning it several times! (Yes, it looks very simple but I second guessed myself on every step of the way. Really. Log cabin blocks or something else? Frame the photos in rectangles? Then how do I arrange the blocks when some of the photos are horizontal and some vertical? Sashing or no sashing? Borders or no borders? Which of the beach and summery fabrics to use? Which 20 of the 23 pictures to use? Then, of course, once I made any decision I second guessed it.

But now I have the top completed! And here it is:

Yes, these are floor pictures, so the perspective doesn't work. Yes the fabric choices and block placement look a bit random. But the cornerstones match up very well and I am quite proud of them.

And, yes, I did say in a previous post that I didn't feel comfortable posting someone else's pictures, but you can't really see the photos well so.....

So I opted to turn the photos into 10 inch square blocks. (The photos were 4 X 6 inch photos when I printed them.) So this is a throw sized quilt top. I also opted out of borders because I didn't want to take much of the focus away from the photos. 

Once I got the top happily finished, my sewing machine decided to act funky. I had changed the thread to sew the backing together, and it tangled repeatedly. Frustrating. But it also reinforced to me that at this point I should have someone else quilt this quilt. So it heads out tomorrow or the next day. 

So, happy as I am with the corner matching, I am not at all thrilled with the sewing machine right now. It may have to head to the doctor's for a tune up soon. After all, I will still have to put on the binding. GRRRRRR! Machines! (No, I am not really a Luddite, honest.)