Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Progress

Before I address the title of this post, today's suggested topic is "What is your favorite sound?" and I thought I'd just answer that one very briefly. My favorite sound is the sound of one of my daughters (or even better - both of them together) laughing heartily.

Now, on to quilty progress! This afternoon I spent several hours doing quilty things, all while listening to quilty podcasts. First, I worked on quilting (hand quilting) the big UFO in the basement. Then I spent some time working on machine piecing the American Beauty BOM block 6. The very first thing I had to do on that was appliqué basket handles onto triangles. I don't appliqué as a rule, so I was a bit disappointed. I decided to do use some fusible web and then hand chain stitch around the outside, since my machine is being a bit unreliable. (True confession: I fused them all, sewed some other parts of the block together and then came upstairs to work on the hand sewing. My hands were pretty tired from the quilting.) This block seems to be a bit easier (except for that appliqué thing) than some of the preceding blocks. We'll see when it is done.

And that is the quilty progress for today!

Quilt on!