Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Various Topics

I will start, as usual, with the question of the day. Today's question is "Who are the three funniest people you know?" (or something very similar). I guess I would have to say that would be my husband and my two daughters. (Totally unbiased.) I'm the secretly funny one.


The above picture is a picture of the one of the basket sections of the American Beauty BOM block #6, complete with my chain stitching on the handle. I only have one of these to finish before I can complete sewing the block together. Then I'll need to cut again, which, as we all know, I am not thrilled to do.

Below are the pictures from today's hand piecing session:

Above is step one, untrimmed. I made two of these.

Step two also untrimmed.

Step three.

This is the first step of the third square. Just one of these.

This is still the third square in the chain. 

I started sewing these pieces together today and will show you the finished section tomorrow and probably the finished block also. Maybe I'll even take my little iron to work too and press it before I take those pictures.

Quilt on!
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