Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Combination Star Finish

Yes, today we are back to quilting! Or at least blogging about quilting. First, the Combination Star block.

The next step in this process was sewing together the 8 pairs of triangles above, and then joining them to make 4 squares like the one below.

Next, all the squares got sewed together to be three strips. Two like the one below and one like the picure that follows.

(Yes, the fact that one strip is horizontal and one is vertical is a conscious design decision. Really.)

And, voila! The three strips go together to make the Combination Star block as you can see below.

 Not a perfect block, but what block ever is? I didn't think the fabric, although it was supposedly Christmas fabric, looked very Christmasy, but I really think that this block looks Christmasy! Strange!

I need to get focused for next year's Lottie Moon auction quilt. I haven't so far felt like it was a pressing issue, unlike other years. Maybe that is because the center of the quilt was donated so all we need to do is decide on borders and quilting. And it will be smaller than our usual queen-sized quilt, so none of that sounds as stressful as most years. But this year the MOPS group at our church would like to use one of their craft hours to hand piece quilt blocks. And, since I don't think we need them this year, I suggested maybe we could make blocks for a baby quilt. What that means is that I need to find a crib quilt pattern that can be easily sewn by people who don't know how to sew. Then I need to find someone to machine quilt it because I have a strong feeling that all baby quilts will hold up better if machine quilted. And I am not a good machine quilter. So... I guess I should get busy on those things. 

Anyone have any good ideas for border patterns or baby quilt patterns? I'm accepting all ideas with gratitude.

And quilt on!