Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day

No, our blizzard wasn't quite what I expected to see. Although most schools (and some universities) closed today, the snow total at our house is nowhere near the 10" to 15" predicted. We even made it out to breakfast this morning. (Well, it was really this afternoon or darn close to it by the time we got there.) Of course we still celebrated the snow day with cookies and laziness. And a showing of the appropriate movie for the day - Groundhog Day.

I did make it downstairs this evening to do some cutting (remember the pieces I needed to recut?) and some hand quilting. That was enjoyable, and now I am all set to hand piece at work tomorrow if I get the chance. I do want to go through some of the help documents and update them, so that may keep me busy enough that I don't do much piecing.

And what about you?

Quilt on!