Friday, February 4, 2011

I Need My Eyes Examined and Other Possibly Uninteresting Things

Yes, I did the appropriate cutting last night so that I could start my Combination Star today at work. And, yes, last night I looked up some information on the Combination Star block in Jinny Beyer's book  The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns: 4050 Pieced Blocks for Quilters and on the internet. After all that work, I assumed today's post would mostly concern the block information and the pictures of my completed steps (and we will get to those soon, I promise), but then I got an email from SeamedUP and my day changed!

SeamedUP is coming soon to a computer near you. It is planned to be the Ravelry for quilters, and I have been wishing I could be part of the Beta test of it. (You can see the Donate to.. button to the right here.) The email was inviting me, as a supporter, to sign up for a user name and start using SeamedUP right now! Yay! You can imagine how long it took me to sign up after I got that email. The rest of my day at work has been spent checking out the site and adding projects to my sewing room. It is a work in progress, but it is very exciting and promising! I am so impressed with the women who decided to work to fill this void themselves and get this up and running.

So, now that you know why I didn't get more done on the Combination Star block, here are the pictures.

The email from SeamedUP is really not the only reason that I didn't get much done. Even before that, I experienced a slight setback which I am blaming on needing my eyes examined. As I started to sew the triangles onto the squares for that first step, I realized the triangles looked awfully large to me. After a few minutes examination, I realized that I had cut the HSTs from 2 5/8" blocks instead of 2 3/8 " blocks. Obviously, I had misread the pattern, and it must be that I need new glasses! (Seriously, I have been noticing this for a while now, but my insurance only covers an eye exam every 2 years, so I still need to wait for May to see my optometrist.) Luckily, I had already marked the 1/4" sewing lines on the fabric, so it only took trimming the triangles along the sewing line along the hypotenuse to make the triangles the right size. After I did that, I was able to make 4 of the above picture which then became 4 of the picture below. And then I got the email. And that was all the sewing for today.

Now for the educational part of today's post!

This block was called the Combination Star and appeared under that name in the Ladies Art Company Catalog #19, 1897, as a Nancy Cabot Block in the Chicago Tribune on March 28, 1935, and as a Nancy Page Block in the Birmingham News on February 22, 1938. It also appeared under the name Ornate Star in Grandmother's Patchwork Quilt Designs, Book 20 in 1931. You can find a pattern for it online at QAF June Block of the Month.

And that is everything I know today. Now I'm off to spend more time exploring the SeamedUP site.

Quilt on!