Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nothing Cut, Nothing Sewed

I didn't get the fabric for the next block (Corn and Beans) cut last night because I picked up the quilted photo quilt. The quilting is gorgeous and appropriate to the quilt and I hope the family will love it.

Once I had that quilt in my hands, I really wanted to get to work to get it finished, so I trimmed it and made the binding. I started to pin the binding to the quilt, realized it was later than I wanted to start sewing it on (tiredness causes mistakes at my house), and set it aside. Then I went upstairs and finished the book I was reading. My current plan is that I will have it finished and delivered sometime this weekend. If you look to the right, you will notice that means a resolution completed! So, maybe by Monday.....

This leaves me at work here with only reading and web surfing to do during the times I am not "needed" (being a help desk is so tough!). I keep checking my help documents to make sure that they are still accurate (software seems to change frequently), but so far no work from me is needed in that area.

Maybe I'll go fabshophopping!