Monday, February 7, 2011

Pictures Tomorrow

Yes, I did a little sewing today. I'll post pictures tomorrow. I'll probably finish the block tomorrow, so there will be several pictures.

So I'll use one of the suggested starters, "Describe the worst teacher you ever had." This is such a tough one! I am honestly not remembering any bad teachers. Even the creepy teacher I had in high school who rewarded short skirts with higher grades (Many girls' grades dropped a bit after the second semester of my senior year suddenly found us allowed to wear pants to school!) was actually a decent teacher who helped us learn government and research skills (until he suddenly disappeared from the school amidst many rumors). And I don't think the study hall teacher, who took attendance so badly that he several times accused me of skipping class when I had been right there, counts. So as I look at this topic, I wonder how I got so lucky in my teachers.

One of my favorite teachers was the English teacher I heard everyone complaining about all the time. She was older and she expected us to work and write and read a lot. A lot of students were afraid of her. I wasn't. She reminded me of my favorite aunt who was also an English teacher who expected a lot from her students and had a dry sense of humor. I got her jokes and even felt comfortable enough in her class to add humor to my papers, even the serious long ones. (As a retired English teacher myself, I'm pretty sure she enjoyed even my feeble attempts.) It probably didn't hurt that I also had seen her playing bridge at our house with my mother. Seeing a teacher in your own home can do wonders toward making her seem human. And she was seriously funny outside the classroom. (In the classroom too, if you weren't too intimidated by her to notice.)

Now on to some bad news. Getting high on bath salts? More on the subject. Scary stuff! What next?

I guess I really will not say much this evening. So sorry. I'll get back to it tomorrow.