Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday Is Not a Good Night for Cutting

I was far too busy to get any cutting done last night, what with AWANA at church and grocery shopping and laundry (things pile up on the weeks when I work 5 days instead of 2!), so I thought that no sewing would be happening at work. Then this morning I remembered the tumblers! (A week or so ago I had gone to one of my LQS's sales "just to look around" and picked up a kit of precut batik tumbler shapes.) I grabbed that bag of tumblers and stuffed them in my computer bag, and this is what I did with them at work today:

I should probably have rotated these, but I didn't. And the bottom colors appear washed out, probably because I put them on the black background. 

What am I going to do with these? Well, I am certainly not following the kit directions which said to sew them in rows of 14. I wanted to make some kind of pattern and didn't want to take the time to figure out a pattern and follow it while sewing them together. (A design wall would have been handy, but I don't have one and my injured knee won't let me crawl around on the floor.)  I certainly didn't plan on hand piecing them, but it gave me something to do today. But, as I look at these two sections, I wonder how difficult it will be to piece them together and what kind of idiot does this? Sigh. I guess I'll find out after I piece together 49 more of these "tumbler 4 patches."