Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Corn and Beans Finish

What a week! I pretty much spent the remainder of last week being sick, complete with trip to the doctor. No quilting of any kind got done. Nothing really got done at all. I didn't even want to read. But that is all in the past, and today I am back to work!

Of course, that means that I have a little bit of quilting time - just enough to finish Corn and Beans.  As you can see below, the next step was to add some triangles to the sides of the Flying Geese.

Next, these four units were joined to the larger piece completed last week, two at a time.

Now, I have to admit to thinking this looks pretty cool without the final step of adding the triangles that turns it into an actual block. But, I went ahead and finished it anyway. The picture below is unpressed and curling with so many seams. But it is the finished Corn and Beans! (I find this rather a busy block.)

The next block up is Courthouse Steps. Not quite so busy. I hope to get to cut it out tonight, but since I'm trapped at church while my husband practices.....