Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Corn and Beans Progress

There are so many pieces to this block!!!!!! Plus I keep getting distracted by work when I'm at work and rearranging the house when I'm at home. Will I ever finish this block?

Here's what I have done so far since the last post.

Added more triangles to the squares to make this:

Then I added a triangle to make these (2 red and 2 green):

Then a red one got magically sewn to a green one twice! (No, really it was me.)
And then these two pieces were sewn together to make this:

Next I moved on to the flying geese - 4 of them. (Don't worry about the fact that a couple of them are waving at you instead of laying flat. Finger pressing is not as permanent as iron pressing.)

And then I ran out of time. I guarantee you there is more to come.

On another note, my book is falling apart. I guess that this is one that I won't be reselling on Amazon when I'm done with it!