Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Posting Early Today

Look at me posting so early today! I must admit that the reason I can post this early is that I already know that no new blocks will be pieced today since I did not get downstairs to cut any last night. Actually, I didn't even get home until after 10, but that is another story. (Had to wait around town while my husband did some recording of demos for this week's service - I sat at Barnes & Noble and looked at a million quilt magazines while waiting.)

Nope, today I am posting my frustration with a bedroom that seems to be insisting on a different kind of quilt than I was planning to make for it! Grrrrr! Now I will probably have to buy fabric instead of using my stash. Sigh.

Let me explain. Last year when planning the quilt we made for the church auction, I bought twice as much border fabric (which I LOVE) as I needed because I planned to make a similar quilt for myself. In case you don't remember, here is a picture of the church quilt.

When we realized that we would be moving into the master bedroom, I decided it was time to make a quilt for our bed. My first thought was I would remake this quilt with less olive green and orange and more blues, teals and pinks.

Then we had the bedroom painted blue. It is a gorgeous blue, but it does seem to be screaming for a blue and white star quilt of some kind. I could have made the above quilt with fabrics from my stash - but a blue and white star quilt will be a different story! I'm thinking that to get even with it, once it is pieced, I will send it to a longarmer to be quilted instead of hand quilting it myself. That'll teach it!