Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still no Quilting Happening Here

Today was sort of a busy day here. The bug guy came and did the outside of the house. The paint contractor came for the walk through to make sure we liked the paint job (and to get paid). And, last but not least, the man came to measure for carpet. (That will be the most expensive part!) Kitchen cupboards got cleaned and rearranged. (I keep moving things around. Pretty soon I will have to label the cupboards.)

I should take a picture of my poor little Marsha McCloskey's Block Party: A Quilter's Extravaganza of 120 Rotary-Cut Block Patterns (Rodale Quilt Book). The poor thing is falling apart. I see on Amazon that new copies of this book are selling for $135 and used copies in good condition are selling for $28 and up. Somehow I don't think my copy will ever be resellable. The beginning pages keep trying to fall out. I can't even imagine what kind of condition it will be in by the time I'm through with it!