Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That Was Fast!

Apparently, Courthouse Steps works up very quickly. I did the whole thing today, so tomorrow (if I have the discipline to cut tonight) I will be on to Cross-Country. That one and the following (Crossroads to Jericho) also look like they will work up pretty quickly.

One thing I didn't like so much about this pattern for the Courthouse Steps is the fact that the center block is a four patch instead of a solid block like the picture in the last post. I actually like the look of the solid block better. On to the pictures....

The above picture is the first step. Let me tell you a couple of things (well, really just one) about these pieces. The light colored piece is really the wrong side of the fabric. Once I cut it out, I realized there was more gray in the fabric than I liked with the other fabrics so, lazy person that I am, I just turned it over. And it works very well for me.

Here's the infamous four patch. It doesn't really look bad, I'd just prefer the solid center.

Now the strips start. Maybe there is too much yellow in the rest of my light strips, but it is too late now!

And here is the next round of dark strips. This went soooooo quickly.

Last round of light strips.

Ta Da! The finished product. And, of course, since I'm at work this isn't pressed. But it is done! And, I still would have preferred the solid center.