Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finally! Some Piecing, But....

No, I didn't get downstairs to cut more blocks for the block project. But I did remember that I have lots of batik tumblers that I bought at a sale at one of my local quilt shops a couple of months ago. You may remember that I started sewing what I called "tumbler four patches" in a previous post. I even posted a couple of pictures of in that post.

Since then, I have taken apart the four patch units so that the ones I had already done were only in pairs. It was going to be unnecessarily difficult to sew the four patch units together, so I decided to keep the pairs together and then join them as rows first (just like the directions say, dang it!).

So, today, I sewed two rows of 14. Here's a picture of the first one:

So, you can picture me sewing the two rows together tomorrow. Eventually I will have to decide whether or not I want to leave the edges zigzaggy, but I think I'll wait to see how it looks that way. 
Quilt on!!