Monday, April 11, 2011

I Came to Work With Good Intentions

I came to work planning to update the Help Documents before I did anything else. Really, I did. (This is, in my opinion, the most boring part of my job!) Then, surprise! I became the most popular person in the building! (It is, after all, the last week of classes and lots of things need to be submitted.) So, I have been here for two hours and not even started the Help Documents. Sigh. Soon now!

In other news, I used QuiltPro to print out fabric needs and cutting layouts for the quilt for our bedroom. I am looking at the block information and wondering what kind of woman chooses two fairly complicated blocks for her quilt? I guess that would be me. Sigh. I think I will choose some not too important fat quarters to try these blocks out before I invest in fabric. From how complicated they look, I'm thinking I will be hand piecing them. It may be a long time before our bed is covered with this quilt. But we'll see.

That was the most quilting I did all weekend. I decided early in the week that Saturday was going to be a major quilting day. Then I remembered the taxes, and the weekend went downhill from there. So I am hoping to get some quilting in this week when I'm not working. Maybe I'll get some things cut so that once the Help Documents are done I will get back to doing some piecing around here. Maybe. There is still a lot of cleaning and reorganizing that has to be done in our home, though. Someday....

Quilt on!