Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Should Be Doing Something....

Yes, I am at work. Yes, I do have some work to do - it is the end of the term so things have picked up a bit workwise - but I also have time. I just haven't cut the next block yet so I sit around here wasting time.

Well, it hasn't all exactly been wasted. I did practice using Quilt-Pro 5 (remember, I'm a Mac girl so that rules out EQ) to design a bed quilt for my new bedroom. Here it is:

It doesn't look like much work, does it? Ha! But I do think it would be one I would be willing to allow someone to machine quilt instead of adding this to the stack of things waiting to be hand quilted. I saw several patterns I liked, but they all had lots of white space which always screams "Hand Quilt Me!" to me. I think this one would do well with an all over pattern. Now to get the fabric and cut and sew... Yeah, it may be awhile.
I still have way too much to do on the house. I have not yet completed the kitchen rearranging. I just seem to do a cupboard or two at a time, which prevents me having to have stuff all over the kitchen and having to make too many decisions at a time about where things are going to go. And I'm still not really used to the new locations of the things I have already moved. So much fun.

New carpeting has been ordered. Sometime in the next couple of weeks it should be installed, and then it is off to furniture shopping! We currently have so little upholstered furniture in the living room that the huge room echoes. Really, it does. (Yes, we may have to hang some quilts on the walls once I get past the admiration of the perfectly patched and repainted walls.) 

And among all of these things is a large amount of going through stuff and sorting it and getting rid of as much as possible. Sigh. Not the stash, of course. Other stuff like cooking utensils and... not really.

Quilt on!