Monday, May 16, 2011

Amazing Log Cabin Quilts

Apparently if your Log Cabin blocks are small enough, you can make almost anything! The following quilt is made of Log Cabin blocks.
This quilt is "Wonderful World" by Sueko Mitsuyasu of Shime, Fukuoka, Japan. It is made of 5mm Log Cabins and took 3rd place in the Bed Quilts - Home Sewing Machine category.

The next two pictures are close ups of this quilt. You can see how tiny the blocks are.

The quilt below is "Christmas in the Cabin" by Ronnie Elmore of Manhattan, Kansas. It is also made of Log Cabin blocks. Amazing. (Sorry my picture cuts off the top of the tree on the left and the top border.)

So, yes, I am still processing all the wonderful things I saw in Paducah. And, no, I'm not doing much else today because the new carpet is being laid as I type this. Part of it is replacing carpet on the stairs, so I can't get to the basement where all the quilting stuff is (except a few four-patch blocks that I am about to work on).

Quilt On!
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