Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two Brief Paducah Lessons

The first of these is that Charlotte Angotti is seriously funny. If you get a chance to attend a lecture of hers, do it!!!!!! Take a class from her if you can! It is all fun! (If you do attend a lecture of hers, make sure you hit the bathroom before the lecture. She is that funny.)

The second of these was not anything I learned that was really new. Simply put, Paula Nadelstern is amazing. I got to attend her lecture on Saturday morning and, as I expected, pictures do not do her quilts justice. I was thrilled to see a couple of her quilts up close and personal, including a new one whose picture I will not post here. But here are some close-ups I took of a couple of her other quilts:

I'm pretty sure I do not have the patience to make anything like this, but I can sure admire the people who do!

And, last, but not least, here is the ultimate in quilts that are not done justice by a picture:

Can you even tell this quilt is silver from my pictures? This is "Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining" by Susan Stewart of Pittsburg, KS. It won First Place (you can see the ribbon - isn't the flower on the ribbon adorable? I just loved them.) in the Bed Quilts - Home Sewing Machine Quilted category - and it is 85" X 85"!!!!!! And, yes, she made the lace too!!!!! Not that you can really see the lace in my pictures. But what you really can't see are the 3D butterflies around the center.  Or the fact that it is silver! Not gray, silver.