Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why I Don't Plan to Ever Purchase EQ

I may have mentioned before that most of the computers in my home are Macs. (Actually, the only one that isn't is a 1999 Windows machine running Windows 98 which my husband still uses occasionally for Bible study.) It's not that I don't know how to run a Windows machine. I used to be the media specialist in a school that had mostly Windows machines. I really prefer Macs though.

EQ is Windows only. Over the years, I have occasionally contacted The Electric Quilt Company to inquire if there was a Mac version planned. The answer is always words like, "No, but you can run Windows on your Mac and use EQ that way." This is not acceptable to me. Why should I pay for two operating systems for my computer. Not going to happen. I'd be happy to pay for EQ7, but I'm not buying a second operating system.

That is most of the reason I won't buy EQ. The other part is something that happened in Paducah. I was at the EQ booth and asked my usual question. Got the usual answer. Replied that sadly that meant I would not be purchasing EQ. A young man (probably a programmer) answered in a very snooty, holier than thou kind of voice (the kind that Windows purists have used to Mac people over the years) that EQ would never be a Mac program. Apparently he hasn't gotten the memo yet that Apple's market share has increased. His tone when he said it pretty much convinced me that his company will not receive any of my hard earned money.

Quilt Pro seems to be doing fine for my design purposes. It is a little disturbing that there is a Windows version 6 and only version 5 for the Mac, but I have been told by them that version 6 for the Mac is coming. And, truthfully, Quilt Pro suits my needs so far.