Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Progress

These are the first 21 scrappy Nine Patch blocks for my version of the Nine Patch Lattice Quilt from Oh, Fransson! only 80 more to go! Maybe I can get more done tomorrow because I don't think I have any out of the house errands tomorrow. What are the odds that this will be done by the time we have company Fourth of July weekend? I'm thinking not too good, especially given the amount of other work that has to get done before that date too. Sigh.

Tomorrow I need to make sure the new shade for our bedroom can use the current mounting brackets - they look so much sturdier than the ones that shipped with the new shade. I also have more stuff to put together and.... Why does housework and redecorating never end? I could spend so much more time quilting if the housework and redecorating weren't necessary!