Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Evening or Thinking, Not Quilting

Yep. Here I sit with time when no one is expecting me to do anything else and I'm not quilting. Why? Well, I've been reading Quilters Newsletter (August/September issue) and thinking. The Hortense Beck article made me think about appliqué and how I really need to do some so I learn some new skills. But the article that made me really think is the article on Modern Quilting.

Am I a Modern Quilter? I'm pretty sure I'm not. First, I may be too old. 59 just sounds old to me - but not nearly as old as my next birthday sounds! So, age may disqualify me.

But what I think really disqualifies me is my love of making traditional block types of patterns. Don't get me wrong! I love looking at the clean lines of a modern quilt, but I can't imagine myself making one. Or, at least, that is how my thinking was going. Then I remembered this:

I think this probably qualifies as a modern quilt, unless it is too scrappy. Certainly, it ought to since it is a modified version of Elizabeth Hartman's Nine Patch Lattice pattern. So, I guess I'm making one modern quilt. Well, two really because I plan to make two of these for the guest room beds. But I really don't think that two quilts a modern quilter makes.

I have to admit, I like the simplicity and negative space of modern quilts. I love to look at them. Even the brightest of them have a peaceful quality. I really appreciate all the negative space. (I think that says peacefulness to me.)

But for me part of the fun (okay, most of it) is trying stuff way beyond my skill level (unless, apparently, it is appliqué) and fretting over it for years at a time. (I am cringing as I work on handquilting the big UFO in the basement because of all the corners that are cut off or don't match.) I really like handwork. Really like it! (Yep, I know, appliqué is calling.) And I also like the look of really intricate patterns. 

Yep, this one is about my style. One of those blocks looks way beyond my comfort zone. (I wonder if the sashing should be wider. A little more negative space. And the blocks would be easier to make if I made them 16 inches instead of 12. Hmmmmm!) I'll probably have to hand piece it to have any hope of the points looking halfway decent! Once I finish those bright cheerful guest room quilts, this is up next. Oh, wait, I think there are a couple of blocks of the month calling me! And....

Note: I did not in any way mean to disparage Modern Quilts or modern quilters in this post. I did not say anything intending to hint know. I did not mean any of this to cause any kind of a controversy. Never mind. Just suffice it to say that I did not post this as anything other than my own random thoughts on a Saturday night. Please don't take it as anything else.