Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am a horrible blogger slacker! It's just that when I have no exciting pictures to post, I don't want to post.

On the quilting front, the MOPS quilt is now assembled. As soon as I assemble the backing, it can go to the longarmer. Yes, it does seem kind of strange to machine quilt a quilt that was hand pieced, but I think it may hold up better through many washings and it is a crib/kid's quilt.

One of the guest bedroom quilts is slightly more than half assembled. I really like the way it's looking. The Fairy Frost is playing very nicely with the batiks and I think it really makes the quilt pop. I would like to get this one completed so that it can go to the longarmer also. Pictures coming soon.

I thought I was going to have to clean the whole studio/basement to find my 120 Blocks book because I had apparently buried it under something, but I found it. I will cut the next block soon, especially since I think my machine needs a doctor's visit. Sigh.

So here is a post so that I don't feel quite so much like a slacker. Sorry it is so boring!