Tuesday, August 16, 2011

American Beauty BOM 7 Finished

I am happy to report that today at work I had plenty of time to complete Block 7 of the American Beauty BOM. Only 5 more blocks to go. Then there is sashing and lots of other goodies to work with. My experiences taking pictures of this block really show how much bigger a 12 inch block is than a 9 inch block. (The blocks for the 120 Blocks project are 9 inch, in case you were unaware of that little piece of information.) So here we go.

There were actually four of the following shapes, but there was just no room on my laptop case for all four.

This barely fit on the laptop case!

And I had to move the completed block to a black chair to make it work. Remember, it is not yet pressed.

The next thing on the agenda is the decision whether to make an identical twin bed Nine Patch Lattice Quilt or make one that I am calling Split Rail Lattice out of all the same fabrics. Somehow the idea of making another quilt just like the other one is not especially appealing. Anyone have any great ideas?

Quilt on!

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