Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Yes, I have been doing some sewing today! I did steps one and two of the Darting Minnows block. Remember, these have been finger pressed only, so they don't look perfectly flat.

If I am spending time at the sewing tomorrow, I should finish this block in about an hour, maybe less. But look at the points! They aren't going to be cut off by anything!!!!
So, I got a phone call that my machine is ready. I may not get to pick it up today, though. Just too busy a day today. 

I have been rethinking the other twin bed quilt! I think maybe instead of the Nine Patch blocks, I'll just sew three strips together and cut them into 6 1/2 inch blocks (Split Rail Fence). Then I could sew them in the lattice formation, and it would look similar but not exactly like the Nine Patch Lattice. And it would be done a lot more quickly. I'm thinking about it. I did really like the way the Nine Patch looks, but do I really want to make another quilt exactly like that? I'm thinking no. But I could be wrong.

Another thing I have been rethinking is the Blue Star quilt. I purchased white on white star fabric for the white parts, but the amount of glitz or oomph that the white Fairy Frost fabric gave the Nine Patch Lattice quilt is making me rethink that. (This is what I love about Fairy Frost.) I guess it wouldn't hurt to purchase some more white Fairy Frost just in case.....